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Lohja Pawn shop

Pawn loans are a quick and easy way to borrow money. Loans are based on the value of your collateral.

We loan money inexpensively to people who bring in valuable items which they leave with the pawnbroker. Examples of items that a person may leave are golden jewelleries, silver, watches, cameras, musical instruments, weapons or other valuable items.

The person gets their valuable item back from the pawnbroker by paying back the money they were loaned and the interest on the loan.

If the person who has borrowed money from the pawnbroker does not repay the loan and interest within an agreed-upon time limit, the pawnbroker can sell the valuable item in auction.

We offer loans for everyone over eighteen years old persons with identification.

Lohja Pawshop has been helping people with their cash needs since 1988. We are waiting for your contact.

Lohjan Panttilaina Oy/Lohja Pawn shop

Suurlohjankatu 22 08100 Lohja Phone +358 44 312 4000

Open from Monday till Friday  10 a.m till 4.30 p.m